Hurricane Dorian Warning, Be Careful Florida

To my friends in Florida now is the time to be careful as Hurricane Dorian is coming your way. It looks like it’s going to be dangerous. Please be safe and heed the warnings.

Thank You Friends

I can’t say thank you enough for all the grace and care you have extended me on this my 50th birthday. Of course my heart and mind is on my father and wishing he could be here with us celebrating. This has been a very rough time for me and mine. We are taking things one moment at a time. Love and peace to you all.

Rest In Power Dad

Today we laid my father to rest at Chattanooga’s National Cemetery. Fortunately the weather was nice, it would have been a great day for him to go flying or dream of flying. My goodness the world is so different now without him in it. Yes it’s good he’s not suffering but I wish he were still with us and not suffering. The grieving begins and will never end. My goodness dad I miss you.