Shared Situations Of Suffering

As my family is going through some things I want you to know I see those of you who are suffering and experiencing loss yourselves. Those of us who are dealing and coping with all the problems that are going on in our lives have much in common. Now is a time to stick together. May God sustain and be a constant help to us all.

An Update On My Dad

My dad is no longer in the ICU and is now in a room. He is still going through dialysis treatments which are helping. Yesterday he was given a break and was more like himself. Discussions about long-term care are underway and we are hopeful that physical therapy will get him up and moving again after so much time in a hospital bed. He wants to get back to his independent living community soon. A funny thing is that he wanted something sweet so we snuck in a apple fritter from a local bakery for him to nosh on. It lifted his spirits.