Farewell Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek #eddiemoney #ricocasek

Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek of The Cars have passed away in the past few days. They were important parts of the soundtrack of my youth in the 1980’s. Both men were rock and roll through and through. Their voices are distinctive and timeless and they will be remembered now and forever.


Sunday Reflection 9/15/2019

This blog is a welcoming one to those who aren’t perfect and those who need someone to understand them. We are all human and have made mistakes. Few of us are divine and that’s OK. I feel as a person of faith that everyone should be welcome to the party of life and to have a place at the table where they have the best served to them. No matter where you are and how you are feeling know you are loved. Grace and peace good people. You are good people in case you haven’t been told that lately.