Having My Say

When I criticize my country I am told to leave if I don’t like it. That sort of argument is stupid. My country is broken and doesn’t work for everyone so therefore I will say so. It is my right to have my say provided by the constitution that allows them to carry weapons of mass destruction. There’s a lot wrong and it has to be fixed.

Downton Abbey The Movie Was Everything And It Was Terrific

Downton Abbey is a world-wide phenomenon and has a global audience so a movie is what would take it to a new level. This movie takes what you love about the TV show and makes it bigger and in some ways better because of the big screen. The story of a big event coming to Downton makes the Crawley family and their downstairs team rise to the occasion. Seeing Highclere Castle in the cinema was awesome.


If you have never seen the TV show this movie will inform you along the way as to what hard core fans have learned about this family over six seasons on ITV in the United Kingdom and PBS in America. I so recommend this movie to everyone. It’s truly a great family drama which we need more of on TV and in the Movies.