Status Update

The weekend is upon us and I am very glad about that. Let’s have some fun. What are you all up to in the next couple of days? Thanks for all the feedback and likes on my posts this week. I appreciate all of you. Welcome newbies. You all rock!

National Coming Out Day 2019 #lgbtq #comingoutday

To all those who have come out and for those who are seeking the courage to do so may you find strength and love as you live your truth. Grace and peace to you the LGBTQ community. May you be able to live your lives freely in the pursuit of happiness and equality.

Everyday Care For Mental Health #WorldMentalHealthDay #mentalhealth

The best way to help others in their struggles with mental health is to simply ask how they are doing. Listening and being present is a great way to be there when things are tough. Best of all it doesn’t cost you anything other than a little time and maybe a cup of coffee. If you see someone struggling, say something and let them know they are never going to be alone. If you are struggling ask for help. It might be hard but its worth it.

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