Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Death

My dad passed away on August 24th. He’s no longer with us on Earth. I know he is with the Saints and Angels of heaven but that doesn’t change the fact I hate he is not here. Death is something I hate with everything I have. Sure it’s a cure but its also a price you pay for living or so it seems. My goodness so many good people go into eternity but it still sucks. Losing people is awful. I do wish people didn’t have to go but you know they have to because bodies wear out and all that jazz. Death sucks, it just does. Screw death.


I’m A Person Of Faith Against #LGBTQ Bullying #spiritday

As a person of faith I believe God made us all in His image and to bully someone for being who God made them to be is wrong. LGBTQ folks have a right to happiness and the blessings of their creator. Some of my best friends are people of faith who happen to be a member of the LGBTQ community. I stand with them for being awesome people. Love is Love.