Something Humorous For Thursday

It seems like the big three Fall/Winter holidays seem to be in competition with one another. Christmas seems to push Thanksgiving (in America) and Halloween out of the way. Let’s not rush things, enjoy it all.

Beware The Comments

Watching some YouTube videos today at lunch it seems the most hateful and negative people make it their mission to poison the experience for everyone. Positive people seem to be drowned out and suffer the wrath of those who are in such a dark space. The pessimistic climate we have online is discouraging. Maybe it’s time we including me lighten up and calm down.

Really. Some things are not worth the rise in ones blood pressure. Still beware the comments.

Getting To Work, The Alternate Way

Going to work is a routine thing with a route you take daily. Today my route was blocked and I had to take an alternate way. Granted I don’t live in a “major” American city but my city is big enough for traffic jams especially considering there is road construction going on through the heart of downtown. Add to that some accidents that backed things up even more. My course deviation caused me to be late. It happens and rolling with the punches is the rule, not the exception.

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