Love Actually, Is All-Around #loveactually


This is a great movie that brings together an all-star cast and a great romantic comedy story. It’s also very British so you know it has to be good. It’s not Christmas without this charming flick to heighten the holiday mood. Christmas is all around you know.

Hurting In The Loss

When one is hurting/grieving life can get weird. Things you normally do aren’t so important and all you want to do is make sense of it all. When my dad died in late August it was something I wasn’t expecting. It changed me. Emotional and spiritual reserves were depleted from taking care of him in the time leading to his passing.

I can say that blogging has been therapeutic. It’s important. There are things I can say here that will make sense to someone reading.

There are times when you might say or do things that might hurt someone as you are hurting and you have to figure out how to get past it all. Forgiveness and lots of grace can make life easier. I know that I have made some mistakes and I hope there is understanding from those who I might have hurt.

YAFB – Yet Another Facebook Break

I am taking yet another Facebook break. I have discovered its hard to be yourself there and control who sees what you want to keep private. Yes, I know my blog is open for all to see but the one thing about my blog is that I pay for domain registration and the premium package through It is important that I have total control over what I say, my content and even who sees these words.

My connections on Twitter and Instagram will not change. You can connect with both through the widgets on the right. Connect with me if you wish there.

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