An Uber Lyft Story

I have taken a lot of Uber rides in the past few years while on vacation and as an emergency when at home. Most of the drivers have been good but some feel as if they need to give their life story, tell you how much they know and some like to proselytize which is very uncomfortable.

A good number have been friendly without being too friendly. They have been curious about their passengers and where they are from. Good ones will share tidbits of information about their city among other things. Some drivers even try to relate on topics like family and how long they have been driving.

Uber and Lyft drivers are trying to make a living or perhaps make some money on the side. Its also important to respect them because what they do isn’t easy. In the case of one driver he had to make a bunch money in one day to pay his bills.

Talk Talk

I’m not sure if it’s depression or just the fact I talk for a living but I find myself not talking a lot these days. Maybe I don’t have much interesting to say or maybe I’ve talked too much in the past and people are wary of conversation with me. All I know is that it’s easier to type my say than to speak it. If I’m boring let me know.