Comment And Wait For The Feedback

I do my best to comment on the posts of fellow bloggers. However, I follow a lot of blogs and its impossible to comment on all of them. Know if I like your post I acknowledge your contribution and if I can bring value in offering feedback I will do so. I take my connections and communication seriously and I value my friendships in blogging in the same manner. The lifeblood for a blogger is feedback.

Keep on blogging and if you haven’t posted in some time please take some time to get everyone up to speed on what’s going on in your world. Blogs are to be living and breathing documents. I can’t wait to comment and like what you have to say.

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Thanks, Pete for the article that inspired this one. 

Regarding International Men’s Day

In my International Men’s Day post my thought behind it was to let men know it’s ok to be sensitive, to seek help for all their wounds and pains. They need to know that stigmas shouldn’t stand in the way of health and wholeness. Too many men tend to push their woes aside because it’s what generations of men did before.

As a person with depression and grieving over the death of my dad I need to remind myself and to inform others it’s ok to be vulnerable and to even hurt. It is also a way to be in solidarity with women who still face a difficult life for reasons that are well documented. We are all in this life together.

International Men’s Day, November 19th #internationalmensday

On this International Men’s Day I want to say that I try to be a good human being and to take care of those I care about. I am not perfect and mistakes will be made. I’m also aware that men need to look out for one another especially when life gets rough. Thank you for your kindness my friends.