“Loose Change” Rattling Around In My Head

Got some “loose change” or things I think at the moment rattling around in my head.

Passing laws that makes life hard for someone else is just plain cruel. Forcing your religion down the throats of people can make you a jerk. Taking advantage of people who are naive is just plain wrong. Hating people for their race, gender, and sexual orientation is not right. Worshiping guns or anything harmful is akin to a graven idol. Harming a child or mocking someone with disabilities is dastardly.

I could go on and on, but this will do for now.

The Thing About Work

Sometimes no matter how hard one works it requires the cooperation of others to make things happen. The thing about moving something for a distance is that it’s not always up to you, other people need to buy into what your purpose is all about. Doing your best seems to only go so far before results are expected. Life seems to be like this these days.