Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Recover

Whether it be illness or grief or whatever has impacted you greatly it takes time to recover. It’s not easy and oftentimes times you never fully recover who you were but you become something different or new. People find themselves wondering what’s next and will they be whole again. To recover means to get something back too and sometimes a loss is just that a loss and there must be a new way forward.


Creative Upgrade, A New To Me DSLR Camera


My mom gave this Sony DSLR camera that belonged to my dad after he passed away. I will be hopefully taking my creativity to the next level. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some Wordless Wednesday’s featuring pictures my dad took with this camera. Also, I will be taking my own pictures and posting them.

It’s going to be a great deal of fun to have a creative workflow involving this camera along with my Google Pixel 3a. Windows 10 has some applications already on board so I can import and edit pictures from this camera. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do video so I will try to find a solution to that so I can get into that a little.

A Call To Action To Use Given Gifts To Make The World Better In The Crisis

I am a believer in a God who gave His/Her children wisdom, talent, knowledge. We have tools such as science, philosophy, arts and other disciplines to solve much of our problems through creative means. In a way, there is a lifeboat that has already come to us in order to create solutions to much of the dilemmas we face. In light of the current virus pandemic, information and action are the calls of the day. We cannot allow fear to win the day. There is too much at stake. If prayer is in your life pray but you should act and be willing to have faith in all those things we have at our disposal to find a cure for everyone.

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