You Have Value, You Are Enough

As people seek ways to live and be their best selves they need to know they have value. I am not talking about money but something much more important that as they go through life they have something that can make their world better. Value and purpose in my mind go hand in hand.

As we discover our purpose what we do has value to those who are benefiting from the gifts you bring to the table. So many people are seeking their place and where they fit in. Some people are misfits but that doesn’t mean they are relegated to be on the outside looking in. They too can fit somewhere in someplace.

The value of a man (or woman) should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

Albert Einstein

People who are getting older want to be of use and to know they still matter in the grand scheme of things. For those who seek to serve they should be given every opportunity to do so. There is much work to be done and people really want to make a difference if you think about it. So my friends no matter who you are you have value, you are most certainly enough.

My Work Is Meant To Make A Difference

I work hard and I have success which comes from using my talents and experience. This is meant to do my part and not to discourage my coworkers in the process. Leading by example is always a good thing. Without my efforts the mission of the company is not being achieved and the same could be said about others who do the same. My work is meant to make a difference in those who benefit from it.