The Thing About The Changing Us

Everyone has some sort of rule of life, philosophy, personal theology or another guide that helps them through life. All of it should be fluid and flexible. Perhaps it should evolve as you change and as the world changes. Yes, circumstances and life changes that are unavoidable. The more that we approach life from an open mind the better off we are. If we do this more people can come into the big tent which is a good thing, right? The thing about us is that we can change how we do things and commune with nature and our fellow human beings.

More to follow as I adapt and change and all that jazz.

This Monday Sucks

It makes you question humans when you see one drop their lit cigarette in front of the entrance to a Walmart. That’s not cool.

Also when someone is making jokes about Alzheimer’s Disease. What a inappropriate thing to make light of.

I’m also kinda ticked at all the rain we’ve had lately.