Supergirl @ 100 Episodes #Supergirl100


Supergirl on The CW Network celebrates 100 episodes tonight. Congratulations to Melissa Benoist and the rest of the cast and crew on 5 years of great superhero action and adventure. National City and the rest of the world are safer because of her.

Being Happy Or Something Like That, A Sunday Reflection

Happiness is a deeply personal thing that is so fluid and dynamic. I haven’t been truly happy for a long time. Sure I have had moments of joy but nothing long term. People worry about me because I am not full of happy awesome sauce right now and I appreciate their concern. Don’t worry about me. I am not suicidal or anything drastic.

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The year 2019 took a lot out of me and I don’t know when my emotional tank will be full again. I suppose it takes a year of recovery to get over a year of hardship, emotional stress, and the death of my father. I am very much a work in progress. People who go through this come out different on the other side and I can accept this.

Believe me, I am grateful for all the support. It’s going to take a while. Being my old self might not be what is in the cards.