The Thing About: Patience

In this time of uncertainty, patience is a divine virtue. Have patience with yourself, with one another, with the circumstances we are in. Everyone is going through something and we all wish things were back to “normal”. It is my thought that we aren’t going back to “normal” but something else that will require us to have patience and a whole lot of grace for one another.

Who knows what things will look like on the other side. It will require patience and hopefully freedom from anxiety.

My friends, now is the time to be still, take care of self, have a little faith in something that will get you through. Remember to love one another and yourselves in this very difficult time.

Hello Monday, What You Got?

It’s my third week of working from home and like a lot of people it’s becoming more familiar but still very different. We are all facing some challenges in this time of Coronavirus that has changed so much. My friends, we got this. Have a good Monday given the circumstances.

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