Being Serious As Of Late #Coronavirus

The world has changed a bit in the past few weeks. We are taking the Coronavirus seriously and our lives in the same manner. My posts have been reflective of the feelings many of us are having. In blogging content is king and my approach is to post when inspiration strikes and for me its several times a day.

It is my hope that you will continue to follow along despite the serious tones. For many of us blogging helps us make sense of life and to connect with the world. Thanks for your following and I hope I can be of help in some way to you. Service is something you take seriously.

Keep on blogging my friends. You have an audience looking for things to read and do.

The Thing About The New Normal

From here on out there is a new normal (I have talked about this before) and there will not be a returning to the time before the virus it will be a vastly different world ahead. Getting to that new point will take time and a whole lot of patience. The long haul isn’t going to be easy but it’s the best thing for all. It’s going to be hard and humanity is tough enough.

Throwback Thursday: National Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto #TBT #Toronto

Hockey is Canada’s game that is played around the world. This is a very nice museum honoring the game and the greats of the game.

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