Lesbian Visibility Day, Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Lesbian Visibility Day celebrates lesbian role models and lesbian culture and diversity. I have friends who are lesbians and I am glad to call them friends. They are a important part of the fabric of life in our world. From Ellen DeGeneres to Anne Lister the work of these women have made life better for many. I see you, accept you and thank you for your friendship.

Sonic Saturday: Rick Springfield – Human Touch

On this Sonic Saturday (one day late, sorry) I present “Human Touch” by Rick Springfield. So many people are in need of the touch of another human being. Whether it be holding hands or hugging everyone needs some measure of contact. Until we can be together again we have to keep holding on to the memory of what physical contact is like. Of course some folks are happy to be touch free and that’s cool they can be cared for in a different way. No matter what we all need that human touch.

I’m so scared and isolated in the modern world

Rick Springfield.