All Black Lives Matter #BLM #LGBTQ

I thought this was cool. The intersection of Black Lives Matter and Pride Month coming together to honor Black LGBTQ people and the greater fight for justice and equality. Social justice in action to seek inclusion.

Supreme Court rules federal civil rights law protects LGBTQ workers – CBS News

Washington — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that it is illegal for an employer to fire someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, delivering a major victory in the fight for civil rights for LGBTQ people.

Supreme Court rules federal civil rights law protects LGBTQ workers – CBS News

This is great news for my LGBTQ friends who are having a rough time with the current administration rolling back protections in many areas of life. It’s truly a shame that people who are just living their lives and really bothering no one have to go through the pain of discrimination in any form.

Discrimination Is Hate

Discrimination is a manifestation of hate. The sooner discrimination goes away the better it is for everyone. It’s time that in this society we need to figure out how to bring everyone and I mean everyone to the table. If anyone be denied life, liberty, and happiness then it should be available to no one. Also, some church people need to figure out how to drop their need to have power and control over the lives of people who don’t even believe in God. It’s time you laid down your scripture missiles.