My Heart And Soul So You Know

My heart and soul are in a low place. My old self seemed to have disappeared sometime in 2018. This new version of me has been around for awhile and its a person who has made the transition from being an extrovert to more of a introvert. My self esteem is also not at its best and that has something to do with my depression.

I choose to be a different sort of man/person who will admit his/their shortcomings and how he feels. Right now I can only be who I am in the moment. Sure I have moments of joy where I laugh but for the most part I have become someone different and I suppose that’s OK. The space to be myself is something I am grateful for because I can’t fake it very well.

Is This The 21st Century? A Commentary

Serious question, do we live in the 21st century? There are lots of things that indicate we don’t. There have been some advances but not as many as one would hope.

People are still holding fast to the ideals of an earlier age. Banners of the losing team still fly as to intimidate people. Is it possible that another war like it would come to pass?

Old men are telling women what to do with their bodies and lives as it was the 19th century. LGBTQ people still struggle with acceptance. Transgender people are getting murdered. Intolerant religions seek to impose their values on those who don’t even believe as they do.

Racism is still the pandemic it always has been. Speaking of the pandemic we are going through a plague of our own now that has killed thousands.

Billy Joel once sang “We didn’t start the fire” that might be true but there comes a time when a generation has to put that fire out. That fire still burns and it’s been too long.

There are other problems, too many to list. When will it be the 21st Century, your guess is as good as mine because I have no idea.

Welcome To Summer 2020, It Might Be A Weird One

“Frozen’s” Olaf the snowman.

Hey kids, it’s Summer 2020 and it looks like it might be a weird one. I have to say I am not a fan of this season. Too hot and way too humid in the southern USA. My friends, have fun, but six feet apart.

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