Digging In The Dirt

If you look on social media lots of things are coming to light. People who hid things in the shadows are being exposed. Past faults are brought into the present. All will be revealed. People are being “canceled” for their present and past sins. Seems there is a lot of digging in the dirt and lots of mud is being slung. Maybe we need to deal with the speck in our own eyes for a change.

None of us is perfect. Sure some incidents need to be exposed and there needs to be measured accountability for severe wrong doing. Contrition can help pave a new way forward. People deserve a second chance. Grace is good.

Acts of hate and terror must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and those who do those acts must be punished. People who do physical and emotional harm must be brought to swift justice.

We live in a conflicted, confrontational world these days. Do your best to be your best my friends. Make this world a better place for all.