Covid-19 Is Still Real Y’all

For those who think the Covid-19 scare is over, think again. People who are trying to take care of others are still getting it. This is not a hoax like some would like you to think. Remain vigilant and take care of others and yourself while you are at it.

Finding Rest, A Sunday Reflection #sundayvibes

Rest is important to people. I am not talking about sleep here but something that is just as needed. There’s comfort and security to be found in resting.

What do you find rest in though? A cause, politics, religion, relationships, place. All of those things are a part of human existence in how we lean into them as a way to give us identity and purpose.

There are two sides to everything especially politics and we are seeing things get ugly. Relationships are a two way street. Causes are a reflection of our concerns and values. Religion is a definite sacred cow that can bring people together or separate them. Place can give us home where we find our belonging to something greater than ourselves.

Giving things a rest might help us finally have some peace so we can rest for real. Realizing what is important and focusing on that. Yes I need to take my own advice and some of you are the choir I am preaching to but you know we all need reminding of that.

Find something that gives you some rest good people. This world needs us all refreshed and ready for the days ahead.

(My priest Fr. Quinn inspired this post from his sermon on 7/5/2020)