Ten Favorite Pro Wrestlers – Becky Lynch of WWE @BeckyLynchWWE

A friend of mine on Facebook tagged me to post 10 of my favorite wrestlers for 10 days. No explanation, no review, just the wrestler.

Today is “The Man” Becky Lynch of World Wrestling Entertainment

Sadness and Struggle One Year Ago

One year ago, today (July 28, 2019) my family was to have met around 12:15 to have lunch together at a nearby Wendy’s Hamburgers. What happened instead is that my dad would get sick and went to the hospital for the final time before he died on August 24th at home. His time in the hospital was very tough on him and all of us. After exhaustive treatments of medicine which included dialysis it was decided he should go home to let nature take its course. My friends, I wish we would have been able to have lunch instead of going to the hospital. It was that month that changed me and my family forever. I miss my dad.