Thoughts About The Late Chadwick Boseman

Last night on ABC television in the USA they aired the movie “Black Panther” commercial free and presented a special on the life of its star Chadwick Boseman. I knew what a great actor he was and he played some very iconic people in his short career. The special also gave his “Avengers” co-stars the chance to share how special this man was to them and how “The Avengers” is not perfect without the King of Wakanda.

Chadwick Boseman is a name that sounds like someone with some gravitas and importance. He was a star on the rise. I admire his dedication to his alma mater Howard University where he gave a commencement address a couple years ago.

He could have earned an Academy Award at some point if he had the opportunity because he was just that talented and gifted.

What struck me is how important his role in society was especially when it came to inspiring people of color. You know I would love to see more roles in movies and TV like that. It’s important to have entertainment reflect life in general. People of color need to be able to share their stories and have representation in all of life. Nothing should stand in the way of that effort. He inspired people and laid the groundwork for the stars of tomorrow.

It’s the 21st century and its time for the colors of life to be shown to the world where everyone has a chance to have their stories told and to have heroes that look like them.

Sunday Reflection: Giving Yourself A Break – Love Generously

Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. I am usually harder on myself than others. Giving yourself space to be imperfect and human is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Personally I have learned this the hard way. A lifetime of being a people pleaser and making errors along the way has made me take a step back and to realize I can’t please everyone and hope that they will forgive me and more importantly I won’t lose sleep over it all. It is important to show grace to everyone.

Another thought for this Sunday is to let love be real. Love one another. Be vigorous in serving ones higher power. Celebrate hope and give hospitality to strangers. That doesn’t mean always inviting them into your house but extending care to those who are in need. There are many things we can do to do good things and to kick bad stuff to the curb. Avoid revenge. People who do you wrong will have to face the music someday. Treat your enemies as you would wish to be treated and maybe they won’t be enemies much longer.

May you all find peace this week. I am hoping for the best for all of us. Grace, peace and love you crazy people.

Turning 51

The last year has been strange, painful, difficult. I am grateful for another year of life but it hasn’t been easy. A year ago my dad passed away (on August 24th, 2019) and it was right before I turned 50. This is my second birthday without him and there’s a lot to unpack there in future posts.

I am doing all I want to do to be there for others but I have to focus on me too. Self care is a must for the long haul. This means not holding what I am feeling in.

Turning 51 is weird. Chili Davis said Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional and I agree with this. I still have that child-like wonder about things and as a person who has some years on him, I have some jaded cynicism. Growing up is indeed a choice.

In this next year of living I don’t know what will happen. Life will come at me and I hope it will be better than the last couple of years. My friends I hope to not be a downer but no promises. We shall see.

This Nerd Is Celebrating A 51st Birthday Today

Today is my 51st birthday. Yes I don’t mind revealing how old I am. It’s a badge of honor and life. It’s an interesting time we live in and to celebrate birthdays is a good thing. Having friends of all ages is something cool. Thank you for your friendship everyone.