Sometimes You Need A Superman

I saw a great biography on Superman today. This character has such an amazing history and backstory. He is a quintessential hero for all ages. The Man of Steel is iconic in every way. So if you need a little fictional hero today you can’t go wrong with Krypton’s finest to come to Smallville.

Sunday Reflection: Caring and Doing

As a follow-up to my previous post, I would like to say that caring about things requires us to take action and use our abilities and gifts to make things better for everyone. We all have talents that can be used to advance a cause or take care of our friends and neighbors. No matter what you have to offer its important to put things into action. I think we all have a calling that we must answer and when we do its going to make a big difference to those in need. No matter what, we have to do something or else the bad things in our world will win.

You Can’t Care About Everything

Over the past couple of years, I have discovered you can’t care about everything. I think I reached the saturation point at the mid-way point of 2019. You only have so much emotional capital to invest in things. Prioritizing the things you want to spend valuable energy on is important. Sometimes it’s the seasonable blues, but it could also be something more long-term. Either way, its about your life changing and that is to be expected.

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