Turning 51

The last year has been strange, painful, difficult. I am grateful for another year of life but it hasn’t been easy. A year ago my dad passed away (on August 24th, 2019) and it was right before I turned 50. This is my second birthday without him and there’s a lot to unpack there in future posts.

I am doing all I want to do to be there for others but I have to focus on me too. Self care is a must for the long haul. This means not holding what I am feeling in.

Turning 51 is weird. Chili Davis said Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional and I agree with this. I still have that child-like wonder about things and as a person who has some years on him, I have some jaded cynicism. Growing up is indeed a choice.

In this next year of living I don’t know what will happen. Life will come at me and I hope it will be better than the last couple of years. My friends I hope to not be a downer but no promises. We shall see.

This Nerd Is Celebrating A 51st Birthday Today

Today is my 51st birthday. Yes I don’t mind revealing how old I am. It’s a badge of honor and life. It’s an interesting time we live in and to celebrate birthdays is a good thing. Having friends of all ages is something cool. Thank you for your friendship everyone.