Not My Best Moment, I Told Someone To Go To Hell

Last night I told someone to go to hell. Yep, you read that right. I told someone on Facebook who is an acquaintance of a friend of mine to go to hell. My reason was that she was not being nice. Her unwavering devotion to the current President of the United States she was saying some very mean and nasty things about Joe Biden. I realize that people say mean things about The President too but that is for another post.

Needless to say, it was not my best moment, but I was sticking up for my friend and the debate had me a little emotionally charged.

Being human means that you are going to make mistakes and do things that you shouldn’t. I know I disappointed and surprised some people.

This makes me feel like a hypocrite for being a believer and not showing kindness and love to my neighbor. Believe me this makes me feel embarrassed. My friends I need to do better.

A Quick Thought On The First Debate #Debates2020

Last night was the first Biden-Trump debate in the 2020 election. It was a horrible mess. I couldn’t make it through it all. The President was not presidential and came across as a bully and showed us once again who he really is. Vice President Biden had a couple of miscues, but he held his own against the onslaught of Trump’s constant interruptions. Trump also has a problem with racism and lies among other things which should be enough in any other time to have him voted out.

This debate if you want to call it that was an embarrassment for the United States. It’s terribly sad that a grown man cannot seem to abide by the rules that moderator Chris Wallace tried to enforce. Man, I hope this could lead to the cancellation of the last two debates. We don’t need another night of abusive behavior from the so-called leader of the free world.

I hope we don’t have to go through that again. As a CNN anchor said it was a “shit show”.

Death and Taxes

Most everyone pays taxes. Taxation has been around since the beginning of civilization. In history tax collectors were not looked at with favor. Death and taxes are eternal it seems.

Not everyone likes to pay taxes though. Some would say taxation is theft, but I disagree. To have a functional community that provides services like fire, police, trash collection, roads, defense, education, healthcare and the like then paying is necessary. Taxes are a part of citizenship if you ask me.

I would rather live in a community that can make life better for everyone and to help it function properly. I believe in being a good steward of that money paid into by citizens. Don’t spend more than you have and raise taxes when it’s necessary.

Those who are in leadership should be among the first to pay as an example to their fellow community members and countrymen/women. If you want your country to be great, then you got to put your money where your mouth and policies are.

I believe everyone should pay their fair share and they should get what they pay for. A good trade off if you ask me. Loopholes should be closed so that no one can get away with not paying. I feel the wealthy can pony up a little more not to penalize them but to alleviate the burden on those who are not as well off.

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