Reflections On A Friends Funeral

Pardon me if this particular Saturday seems a little somber there is also some hope and perhaps some inspiration here.

At my friend’s funeral today, she was remembered fondly by her granddaughter and the minister for all the things in the gift that is life. It’s that memory that hopefully can give comfort and perhaps inspire us all to emulate the good things about that person.

Frances, who passed away on Wednesday was like an aunt to me. My grandmother and Frances were friends who did stuff like shopping together and enjoying fellowship in their church.

The big takeaway is that how much she did for others as a banker and worker in the church and with a local charity. In my life, I have tried to do things for others and think about serving where I could. After the funeral sermon today I feel like I have done good and I am doing good. Doing things that need doing are good things for all of us to do. I hope to honor those who have influenced me to do good by doing my best. Its all anyone can do in this life.

My Saturday, September 5th

Today I’m going to a funeral for a family friend. So, for the first time in ages I’m wearing dress pants and a polo shirt. It feels weird to be this dressed up after being uber casual for weeks. Of course I will be masking up and practicing social distancing at the funeral home.

Hopefully all will go well. Have a great Saturday everyone.