Death and Taxes

Most everyone pays taxes. Taxation has been around since the beginning of civilization. In history tax collectors were not looked at with favor. Death and taxes are eternal it seems.

Not everyone likes to pay taxes though. Some would say taxation is theft, but I disagree. To have a functional community that provides services like fire, police, trash collection, roads, defense, education, healthcare and the like then paying is necessary. Taxes are a part of citizenship if you ask me.

I would rather live in a community that can make life better for everyone and to help it function properly. I believe in being a good steward of that money paid into by citizens. Don’t spend more than you have and raise taxes when it’s necessary.

Those who are in leadership should be among the first to pay as an example to their fellow community members and countrymen/women. If you want your country to be great, then you got to put your money where your mouth and policies are.

I believe everyone should pay their fair share and they should get what they pay for. A good trade off if you ask me. Loopholes should be closed so that no one can get away with not paying. I feel the wealthy can pony up a little more not to penalize them but to alleviate the burden on those who are not as well off.