Sunday Reflection: A Saint Before Anything Else #sundayreflection

Before I am an American or anything else that describes who Tony is, I am a Saint. Not a New Orleans Saint but a human Saint who has hitched his life into trying to be a little like Jesus and trying to be kind in the process.

To me that is the pursuit that seems to be the most open to loving my neighbor as myself. It gives me power to love and care and to be the person I most want to be. Granted I am not perfect and you will see me stumble and fall and not represent Jesus very well at times but it’s something I try to do in how I relate to the world and others. Also I am very human and yes I am going to be who I am in the understanding that I am alright with my creator.

I am also a bit of a universalist in that I think there is a bigger tent for people in the family of God than many who are also on team Jesus would like to believe. A God who created the universe is certainly one who can do more than we would like to believe.

Now being a person of faith can be a challenge but its one that is worth doing. From that place of belief I can see the world not from a place of condemnation but a place of love, grace, peace, mercy and forgiveness. Granted mercy and forgiveness is really hard sometimes and for some it will take a lot to get over being wronged.

Being a Saint also means being a role model and showing the way for those who need an example in how to do this whole faith thing. Sainthood comes with responsibilities and it can have its perks too.

So this is who I am from my faith perspective and I hope whatever faith situation you have that you find comfort, clarity, peace and love in whatever makes you feel whole and in communion with your higher power.

All-Saints Sunday At St. Peter’s

The Columbarium of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church where the ashes of deceased members are placed.

Today is All-Saints Sunday which is observed in some Christian traditions such as the Episcopal Church and for me personally at St. Peters. It’s a time to remember those who have died in the previous year. Remembering these souls who have blessed us in this life is an honorable thing to do. It reminds believers that follow Jesus that their lives are not forgotten. It is good to remember and reflect upon the contributions that our saints have made to make the world a better place.

Fall Into November also Vote on The 3rd #november #vote2020

Hello November 2020. I hope you will have some warm tidings and joy for us all. This is a month of colors changing and all that stuff. Oh a reminder…

Also on November 3rd its Election Day in the United States. Get to the polls good people!