Sunday Reflection: A Couple of Things

The 2020 Election

The past week has been a time of waiting. A lot of waiting. Patience has been tested and for many rewarded. In a world of instant gratification where everyone expects to know things at the click of a mouse it can be challenging to just be still and wait for things.

Election 2020 in America has been taxing on everyone. Since the Summer the people waited to have their say. Some minds were made up for a long time while others made a judgement call in the last minute. Over 140,000,000 people had their say and that is a very healthy number if you ask me. It means they cared enough to brave COVID and to make a statement.

Now there is a new day dawning in America. We have to see how it goes from here on out. Now the work begins to make things happen for all of us.

Some Rambling Thoughts

Being prepared for something means having to go into the darkness and to find the power to light up your life. Strange as it may seem you have to be persistent when people won’t give you a hand. It’s never easy to step out because you are afraid you will miss out on something special. Hopefully you have a crew that will have your back and will be sure you can get back in. Being prepared is still the best thing to do.