Safe Space To Express On The Intertubes

Everyone needs a place to express themselves online. A place to post whatever your heart wants. The problem comes when you have family members who want to see what you post but you would rather them not. Whether it be your blog or Twitter having the freedom to express yourself without having to say you are sorry or to be criticized for it. You don’t have to explain your opinions because they are your opinions and they should be not up for debate.

International Men’s Day, This Is My Take #InternationalMensDay

Today is International Men’s Day. Here is what I have to say about my fellow men.

To all the men out there who choose to be kind, soft, tender, compassionate, loving, caring, vulnerable I am there with you. To all the men struggling with demons, mental health issues and carrying around emotional baggage I support you. To all the men who wish they could be all these things I see you.

Also admit its OK to not be OK or perfect and own it.

There is more to being a man than being manly and macho. Be like Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, LeVar Burton, Tom Hanks and others who foster curiosity and wonder.

If you are a gay/bi/queer/transgender man you should be loved and respected by all.

Be a man who honors and respects women and treats them as equals and partners. When they bring home more pay than you give them praise. Also tell them they can be whatever their dreams desire including President/Prime Minister.

Be the type of man that wants to be a hero and empower those around you to do the same. Strive to be a good human being.

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