Happy Hanukkah – Hanukkah Sameach

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire. It is also known as the Festival of Lights.

To all my friends celebrating Hanukkah may this be a time of light, love, peace, and grace. Like most holidays it’s going to be different this year but the spirit remains the same.

Hanukkah Sameach

Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay

Human Rights Day on December 10 remembers the day the General Assembly of the UN adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. It is the most translated document around the world and is available in over 500 languages. It has inspired countries and people alike to start treating every person with the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. On Human Rights Day we acknowledge the importance of this document and the importance of human rights.

Every human should have the right to live and love and exist in the way they see fit without infringing on the rights of others. We need to be reminded of this now more than ever as places around the world are seeking to deny personhood to people who are different from they are.