My Second #COVID Test – Negative

I had a second COVID test on Monday, December 28th and the results came back negative for the virus. As much as I am relieved, there are others who are struggling with it and many have died because of it. The Coronavirus is nothing to take lightly. I am still wearing my mask and social distancing. Right now you can’t be too careful for yourself and those around you.

Tuesdays @ Work

Tuesdays can be a challenge especially when you start off the week with a bang. Work is often a marathon and not a sprint from my perspective. When meeting a quota you have to have to work smarter not harder. Although, hard work is its own reward. Persistence, patience and a little perspiration can help you get to where you want to go at any time. Success and goals come with what you want to achieve individually and collectively with a team. So let your Tuesdays come with a little extra moxie and hopefully things will be where you want them to be.

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