My Last Post Of 2020

Good People,

This is the last post of 2020. It has been quite the year and we all have struggled in one way or another. Some how we made it throughout the year and I feel lucky having done so. Whatever comes our way in the future lets be supportive and kind. My friends, may we have peace in the coming year.

Also, wear your masks, we still have a pandemic out there.

Your Friend,


New Years Eve, Sending 2020 Into History

My friends, it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time we said farewell to 2020. In what has been a horrible year we can look forward to a new one that I hope will be better all around for everyone. Of course, it’s a clean slate and we can all be grateful for that. Peace to you all and peace on Earth.

For some 2021 has already come and we wish you, good people, a Happy New Year!

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