Sunday Reflection: Good Destruction

Forces in your life will destroy you. Well not kill you but shape you in such a way that changes you for the better. Everyone is being destroyed by something that is making you who you were meant to be. Those are things that impact your whole life and everything that makes you the person you are.

Good destruction means allowing yourself to be transformed into someone better and to come into good forces that will show you a new way forward. Love is a good force that destroys and builds back better.

Your identity is being formed as you go through this life and hopefully, good things are influencing you. It’s incredible how a wrecking ball can take away the things that are doing bad stuff in your life. What is that thing that is making you that person you are supposed to be?

She Should Be Living

In an earlier post, I talked about a young woman I knew who died of Covid at age 32. Today was her funeral and visitation. To see a young person in a casket makes no sense. It was a Saturday and she should be with friends, at work, living her life not being buried. Life is so not fair. She was way too young. My heart aches for her family especially her parents. Be sure you are living your life in the way you want. It’s what is right.

Bell Let’s Talk About Mental Health #BellLetsTalk

I am not Canadian, but in my dreams I am. I support the talk about mental health going on today in Canada with the Bell Let’s Talk initiative. Everyone struggles. Everyone needs someone to talk to. Keep a watch out for one another. The world is a tough place these days. Peace to everyone going through stuff right now.