Cancel My Subscription To 2021

Yes, I would like to cancel my subscription to 2021 after this free trial. All kidding aside, this year has started out with a bang, it got very rough, real fast. I hope things calm down as we go along.

Please calm down 2021.

Sharing What I Think

I am a passionate believer in social justice, and I am an idealist too. When I see events like we saw yesterday I react strongly from my bleeding heart compassionate liberal sensibility. I will own what I say but at the same time, I won’t argue with those who might disagree. My intent in sharing how I feel and see things is to express what is on my heart and to try to make sense of it all. I appreciate your support but if you feel like I am just too much for you I understand if you must unfollow me. I cannot please everyone and I won’t try to.

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