What A Saturday

I am so glad to finally be home after this pretty crazy Saturday. I got up and made breakfast for the Mrs. and me and later went to Walmart to get a new car battery and to get an oil change. Being in Walmart during COVID is interesting. It’s been a while since I have people watched and I will tell you there were a few folks who didn’t know how to wear a mask properly. As I waited I had a Subway sandwich. It made the time go by a little faster. It appears I need some new tires eventually but that will have to wait a while.

After Walmart, I went to check on my mom. And did a few things for her. Then made my way to the grocery store to pick up a few things and as I tried to start my car it wouldn’t start which was frustrating because I just had a new battery put in. Well, I got roadside assistance to come give it a tow to my preferred garage to get it fixed. My very wonderful Mrs. came to rescue me so we could go home to resume our evening after waiting for the tow truck to come.

My friends, I am glad to be home. It’s been one interesting day. One thing I can say is that other folks have probably had it much worse so they should know I see them in a way. Did I mention I am tired after all this?

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