About Meghan and Harry

I am going on record as saying I am a supporter of the monarchy even though I am a citizen of a country that fought it in a war for independence. It serves a function of service to the commonwealth and provides a historic continuity of leadership that dates back centuries.

However it like many institutions has serious faults that have made it problematic in how it relates to the people. In the case of the Duke and Duchess Sussex, they seriously dropped the ball and failed to take care of the family. Granted I don’t know all the details but in Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, we got a pretty good look into how things operate with “The Firm”.

You can see the full interview online and I won’t bring up all the specifics but racism and a lack of caring for the couple is shameful. Harry as a veteran served his country and deserves better treatment. By extension, his wife and children should benefit from his service too. It’s also acting like human beings and showing love and affection. As a modern couple they were ready to serve Great Britain and do the things to bring honor and positive attention to the Royal Family.

I feel that the Monarchy has a long way to go in being relevant and modern. There are some hard lessons and truths to be learned from these revelations. Let’s hope Buckingham Palace can be a quick study and apply what they are learning the hard way.

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