I Have Been Registered With WordPress.com For Six Years #WordPress #Blogging

Six years ago I registered a domain and hosting with WordPress.com planting my flag in this great blogging community. Thanks to all who have found their way here in one way or another. I appreciate your interest and curiosity. The connections I have made over the years has expanded my horizons and understanding of life in general

Read my blog at tonyburgess1969.net

Here’s a link to my post announcing my new blogging domain.

As I always say KEEP ON BLOGGING!

Grace and Peace my friends.

Status Update

Friends, I have had the last couple of days off just to have a break from work and to reset myself. On Monday I have to return to the office to work. I have been working from home for a little over a year due to the COVID Pandemic. Yes, it’s a bummer but I am grateful to have a job (that’s what I am telling myself anyway).

Tonight I am fixing us oven baked ribs and mac and cheese for dinner. This is my first time cooking ribs. I hope the ribs turn out OK. Low and slow with things like that.

I hope you all are having a good Friday and are ready for the weekend.

Love and peace to you all.

India and COVID, A Serious Situation #India #COVID

Photo by Alok Uniyal on Pexels.com

India has been hit hard with COVID in the past few weeks. My heart goes out to my friends who are from there. It’s a bad situation there like it was in other places earlier in the pandemic. It’s a problem that impacts the world and needs a solid response. This situation requires more than prayers, it requires action. May the people there find hope and healing quickly. They need serious help so that things will not get worse.

For more information check out this article from CNN/MSN.