Being Fussed Over

When I was in the hospital recently for two colonoscopy procedures, I was being cared for by nurses, technicians and a doctor. One thing I can say is that I am not used to being taken care of in such a manner. Being fussed over is strange to me.

Throughout my life I am used to taking care of other people which a part of being a “people pleaser” sort of person. I am used to being the one doing things for others. Maybe I do not want to be seen as lazy or something like that. As I go on in life perhaps I should practice some self care and allow others to help along the way.

Being fussed over is something I could get used to. But then again I never want to take that for granted. Believe me I am trying to get over that pleasing everyone thing.

A Personal Update – I Had A Follow-Up Colonoscopy

Hello Friends,

I have been away for a couple of days due to a follow-up colonoscopy procedure I underwent on Friday, May 28th.

I was subject to a two-day prep, which meant a liquid diet and ingesting some horrible stuff to flush my system out to be as clear as possible. The procedure itself was nothing compared to the two days of getting ready for it. That is a common story for all who have been through a colonoscopy. One thing I know is that the anesthesia is kinda the fun part about it.

My doctor removed a 30mm polyp out of my colon. The polyp will be sent to a lab for analysis so I can know that it’s nothing to worry about or something to deal with. I am glad the whole thing is over for awhile.

I first want to thank my Mrs., The Soup Diva for taking care of me these past few days. It was not easy for her. Things are hopefully returning to a more normal state or being for us. One thing I know is that I am a horrible patient and being taken care of does not come naturally to me. I will write more about that in a follow-up post.

The nurses and technicians were great, and my doctor was a pro. I am grateful for their professionalism and care.

With grace and peace, your blogging pal