Start and Finish

The way you finish something is as important as how you start. In this imperfect world mistakes are made and not everything will go according to plan. You just have to do your best to start and finish strong and roll with the punches when the whole thing blows up.

Today Is My 52nd B-Day! #Birthdays

Today is my 52nd birthday and as I celebrate today, I am grateful to my family, friends, and others who have helped me get here. You know it’s good to be alive and kicking while being mindful of those who we have lost in the past couple of years. I hope for good things in the coming year. Thanks for sharing this day with me. Grace and peace to you all.

Two Years Ago, My Hero Passed Away

It’s been two years since my hero, my dad passed away. Every day I miss him and so wish he were here with me and mine. I wasn’t ready for him to go and it still is hard to believe he’s gone. Yes his spirit remains but I would love to give him a hug. Dad, I love you and you are in my heart and head today and always.

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