I am a believer and a bit of a heretic at the same time. I am also OK with where I am in regards to my faith which is in the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement. My friends what I believe is deeply personal because of scripture, tradition, reason, and even experience. I can say that I am a faithful church member, I am a hard worker, I am a husband, and a person who tries to be the best he can be. My beliefs should not be up for discussion. Pray for my health, prosperity and, well-being, not because my place in eternity is not secure or something like that. I am going to be OK. Jesus is alright with me and I am worthy of his love, grace, and peace.

Gave At A Different Office Today – A Blood Drive At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church @dioet

I helped organize a blood drive at church this morning through Blood Assurance where I work. It was good to give at a different office today. Blood means life both physical and even spiritual.

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