Indigenous People Day

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures. 

The people who lived here before Europeans made their way to their “new world” deserve better lives and the rights that go with it. America needs its own truth and reconciliation movement to atone for the atrocities committed against indigenous peoples that forced them off their lands and killed thousands. Native peoples have a deep cultural contribution that cannot be ignored. May everyone understand.

National Coming Out Day #LGBTQ #ComingOutDay

To all those who have come out you have my love and respect. Living your truth is a powerful statement. To those who cannot come out for one reason or another may you find your way to being yourself when the time is safe and right.

Thanksgiving In Canada

To all my friends in Canada celebrating Thanksgiving today I hope you have a wonderful day of togetherness, feasting, and reflection. As you gather think about the tough days of the past and work toward a better future. Truth and reconciliation can be found around a table while sharing a meal. I know I am thankful for Canada. Have safe and peaceful day with your family, friends and others.