Being Woke

Being woke in my humble opinion is being aware of the life and sufferings of others. It’s also having concern for the well-being of others. Sure, it’s easy to just ignore all the stuff going on in the world but I believe that having some sympathy and empathy for the plight of our fellow human beings is a good thing. Wokeness is a byproduct of people being tired of injustice, oppression, and being discriminated against.

I have always thought that “political correctness” is more akin to demanding people be treated better and recognizing their differences should not disqualify their participation in society. It’s also just exercising politeness and courtesy and that is a basic human need.

I hope that we can return to being civil and making our world communities better places. We so desperately need some goodness in this place we call our global home.

Don’t Forget To “Fall Back” This Sunday! #DaylightSavingTime

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks back on Saturday before turning in. You will get an “extra” hour of sleep which I know we can all use.

Have a great weekend good people.