Pride Is More Than Your Paycheck

A person’s paycheck is a recognition of their work. It should never be used to judge someone’s worth. People who show up to do jobs that don’t make a lot are doing the best they can. Pay shaming isn’t cool and doesn’t do anyone any good. There are many people who need to be paid more than what they make.

Most people are paycheck to paycheck workers. Some folks have to hold down two or three jobs just to make ends meet. Many work long shifts that aren’t 9-5. It’s important to support those who work hard every day, no matter what they do. Pride is more than your paycheck.

Go Chattanooga Mocs! Beat Illinois #gomocs #MarchMadness

Today in Pittsburgh, PA my hometown Chattanooga Mocs take on the University of Illinois in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament known as March Madness. The Mocs played Illinois in this tournament in 1997 and came away with a victory. I’m hoping for a win today too. Go Mocs!

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