Thought Of The Day 04112022

When sharing what one thinks about stuff it’s always a risk. Saying what you need to say is a 50/50 thing, agree or disagree. It’s those moments when there is fear of offending and possibly fracturing a friendship. As a reforming people pleaser, this has been something I have dealt with. Perspective plays a big role in how you see the world and what you think.

No two people think alike and hopefully, they can come to a place where it’s OK to disagree and remain connected. Speaking up about injustice is a good thing but it doesn’t come without a price. It’s my hope that what I say is done with respect for myself as well as others.

Opinions are opinions sometimes they make sense other times it leaves people scratching their heads. I am guilty of this, a lot.

What you say can change the world including your own.