Thought Of The Day 04152022

I might be a weirdo and one of a few people you might know who is a person of faith or religion. One thing about me is that I don’t come across as preachy or holier than thou. Well, at least I hope I don’t. I think God is best represented that way.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil are three important services during Holy Week. Making time for them is as important in the journey of the Lenten season as Easter itself. For me, it’s my belief that being in Church is important the other 51 weeks out of the year. The same could be said for Advent for Christmas.

The only way to grow in faith is to be in one’s spiritual community among other practices. It is by doing this that one hopefully is close to being perfected in their spiritual life.

Celebrating Good Friday and Passover

Today is Good Friday and the beginning of Passover. To all my friends who are celebrating both, I wish you the grace and peace of God, and may this be a time to remember our shared connections. No matter how you are celebrating be sure to think of those in need and who are suffering especially in places of war, famine and distress.

For the Jew, Passover is a sign of salvation, of “God with us” at a particular historical moment in the past. For the Christian, Easter is a sign of “God with us” in the past, but with us now also and at a time to come, as well.

Author: Joan D. Chittister