April 20 or 420

The last thing you probably expected me to post about is marijuana. However, on the day when cannabis culture is celebrated, it got me thinking about the subject. Marijuana has a myriad of purposes, the two that are most mentioned are medical and recreational. I think it should be legal everywhere for recreational use with appropriate oversight and taxed in the same way tobacco is.

It should be available for adults only for daily use. However, everyone should have access to it for medicinal applications. Legally, too many people have been incarcerated for using natural and helpful things.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with this but I do think it at least should be available to those who are very sick from things where pain relief is needed. Marijuana might be safer than other drugs that do greater harm than good.

At the very least a discussion should be had where facts are presented and following the science is first and foremost.