Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 – Wow That Is Extreme

Tonight we finished Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 and I feel like I need a support group or something. My goodness that stretch of episodes was highly intense. Volume 2 comes out in July and that’s going to be even more extreme I predict.

A Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up from Sunnyside Cup #Coffee #Chattanooga

The Almond Joy latte on ice from Sunnyside Cup. A great pick-me-up for a Tuesday. Let’s see how it goes.

Have a great day my friends and neighbors. Make it swell. Peace.

A Different Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day and I’m putting a twist on it by remembering all who have died because of gun violence. These people did not choose to die but due to the violence that is an epidemic in America they gave their all. Let us remember those who we have lost. May they never be forgotten.

We still remember those who died for their country. I hope it’s worth their sacrifice.

Downton Abbey: A New Era (Non-Spoilery Review)

Downton Abbey is one of the finest family dramas on both sides of the Atlantic. The intrepid Crawley family returns to the big screen in the continuation of their story. Like most families things change, times change, and people change. New opportunities for the family bring the past and the present to meet the future. As a fan of the TV series, I have found the movies to be quite good.

This movie does some great fan service while adding some new twists that tell a new story. We see lots of our favorite friends along with some new faces. I think you can appreciate this as a stand-alone film but it does help to see some of the TV series for helpful context.

Julian Fellowes is a terrific writer and you won’t be disappointed in this New Era of the story of Robert, Cora, and their children.

When My Blog Gets Serious

I write about silly and sacred things here. Sometimes serious stuff has to be written about too. Keeping my blog fun and positive isn’t always possible. No matter what I hope you will still enjoy my post no matter the tone or subject matter. Blogging about life’s ups and downs is definitely keeping it real.

Thank you, my friends!

Old Words, New Interpretation

Life is fluid. With that being said I believe that the interpretation of scripture and the constitution. Both documents cannot impose authority based upon ancient norms and rules. Words should be living and breathing things and given the opportunity to propose new ways of looking at things.

We cannot allow old words to prevent life and happiness from being accessible to all. Freedom and liberty must make a bigger table for many to sit down and partake.

The world would be a much safer place if that were the case. May everyone enjoy life, liberty, and happiness.

Quote Of The Day

A sickness known as hate; not a virus, not a microbe, not a germ – but a sickness nonetheless, highly contagious, deadly in its effects. Don’t look for it in the Twilight Zone – look for it in a mirror. Look for it before the light goes out altogether.

Rod Serling